Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Our trip to Phoenix

We just wanted to tell everyone that it was great to see them all. Wish we could have seen Jen and family too. We had such a good time! Thanks Chris and Kara for taking us out for some water fun! I am still so sore I can hardly even laugh. As soon as I learn how to, I will put some pictures on here so all can see. Love you all!


  1. Hey Pam, we had a lot of fun, too! Have you sent your blog address to everyone so they can check it out? I can give you all the Sly family's addresses, or you can send an email to the Sly group... are u a member of the Sly Group? If not, u can email Todd and he'll tell u what to do. :)

  2. ok, girl, you gotta get some pics on here! and tell some people about your blog so you can have some accountability. ;) how are you?? so busy i am sure. have a good one! let me know when you put some pics up!

  3. Hey I blog too! Love you guys and miss ya!